A REAL Conservative
who puts Nevada First

I am a medical doctor, a small businessman and a no-nonsense conservative Republican. If you elect me as Governor, I commit to relentlessly pursue these policies.


On Day One of a Simon Administration, I will put the legislature on notice that no bills will be signed until they put a Voter ID bill on my desk. Everyone agrees, even Democrats, that you must produce a government photo ID with a signature match in order to vote.

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Safe Cities/Safe Communities

Nevada cities are becoming overrun with criminal gangs, drugs and the homeless. I will provide more funding to our police and law enforcement agencies for training and install body cams and car cams to protect every officer and every citizen. I will form a joint State and Federal task force to go after the drug gangs and human traffickers. I support every citizen’s right to own a firearm, I support constitutional carry and I will provide financial incentives to ammunition manufacturers to move to Nevada.

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School Choice

Nevada is ranked 49th out of the 50 States in K-12 Education because of Teachers’ Unions, Progressive School Boards and Education Bureaucrats. The answer is: SCHOOL CHOICE. I will provide parents up to $10,000 per child per year for education. Parents pick the school. And if you homeschool, you keep the money as your fair compensation.

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More Healthcare Choice

We are rapidly losing Healthcare Choice in Nevada as a result of Obamacare. I will bring Supplemental Medicare insurance to our rural counties, establish Centers of Excellence for Diabetes, Heart disease, Colon and Breast cancer, restructure how we spend our Medicaid dollars, bring lowcost fee-for-service medical clinics to Nevada and establish a program for treating mental illness.

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