This is a story for the ages and really typifies the resilience of this campaign. It reveals the character of everyday Nevadans; their resilience, their determination, their true-blue American values. On Friday, Oct. 22, Nick Maier, my campaign manager, and I drove the campaign bus to Las Vegas with eight Republican women from Reno who were delegates to the Nevada Federation of Republican Women convention in Las Vegas. Several members of the Republican Women of Reno were running for leadership positions ( President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary). We had a fun reception on Friday night at the Southpoint Casino and hotel.

On Saturday Nick and I took the bus to Pahrump and did some campaigning. On Sunday we picked up 10 of the women for the return to Reno. They swept the election, and everyone was elated. We got on the road and were racing ahead of the big storm that was coming in. We drove straight through to Hawthorne and stopped for lunch at the El Capitan casino. After lunch, disaster struck. The bus wouldn’t start. And then the storm hit. Sixty mile an hour winds created a massive sandstorm that closed Interstate 95. I called AAA and two brothers came out and worked in the howling wind to try and get the batteries charged and the engine started to no avail. We had to scramble to find five hotel rooms for the ladies and get everyone fed. All the ladies were calm, accepting and supportive. Not a negative word was spoken. True character. The storm hit with a fury and the rain pelted us from midnight on.

The next day, Monday, it was still raining, and we had to get everyone home. Everybody called everyone, husbands, sons, daughters, friends and we arranged to get everyone a ride home. I stayed behind and campaigned in Hawthorne, visiting every business in town and got lots off support. I called Carson City Towing to arrange a tow to Reno the next day. Tuesday turned into Wednesday, and into Thursday as I was put off over and over by dispatch. The owner of Carson City Towing, anticipating that I would be one agitated customer because of the delay, sent his most amiable, but capable, employee, Bobby, to tow the bus.

Bobby arrived and he and I got along great right away. Bobby got the engine started, but then we realized that the source of the problem was that the belts that charge the alternator had flown off and were lost. Bobby sent me to the local auto parts store but the only belt that could be found was in LA and they only had one. We need two. Bobby called his boss who had an idea. Bobby sent me to the local Dollar General to by four pairs of pantyhose. Bobby cut the legs off the pantyhose and made two pantyhose belts. Once installed, we headed out at 50 miles per hour with Bobby following in the tow truck. One hundred and ten miles later, we made it to Carson City. Pantyhose belts!

I told Bobby that he and his wife were welcome to one free dinner a month  for life at my restaurant, Kristopher’s, in Minden. Bobby said that he would install the belts himself when they came in. Bobby and I established a great friendship, and I cannot say enough about Carson City Towing and their owner whose ingenuity and support got us back home.  Nevadans are resilient, tough, caring, and creative and this is why I love Nevada.