Meet Dr. Fred

I’m Dr. Fred Simon, M.D., a trauma surgeon and small businessman from Gardnerville, Nevada. I’m running for Governor as a Republican because Nevada needs a chief executive who is going to say “Enough” to the RINO Republicans and Democratic Socialists. Nevada’s problems with K-12 education, crime, drugs, and voter ID are not going to be solved by electing career RINO politicians. I’ve run one of the elite trauma centers in the USA and have solved complex operational and financial problems with teams of experts. Like Donald Trump, I speak my mind. I’ll tell you exactly what I am going to do and I’m going to do it. I’m a pro-life, pro-second amendment conservative and I’m fed up with the weak, ineffective, criminal leadership of both parties. On Day One of a Simon administration, I will demand a Voter ID bill from the legislature, or nothing is going to get signed. That is the kind of leadership you can expect from me. Enough is Enough.

Fred J. Simon Jr. M.D


Meet Dr. Fred in Video

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What I do

I started my business career at ten years of age with a lawn mower and shovel in Massachusetts and Indiana. I had a prolific career mowing lawns and shoveling snow until I divided my summer time between my business and hospital volunteer work at the age of fifteen. College summers were spent working and learning the automobile business as well as experience in the golf cart industry. Close enough to home in college, every other weekend was dedicated to learning the family business. The choice came and I chose a career in medicine spanning now decades of a nonconventional practice including Medical Director of a major trauma service, Medical Director of general surgical hospitalist service, volunteer in the Indian Public Health Service as a clinician and advisor and thirty years of traveling the United States covering practices on a short temporary basis in over 30 communities across this wondrous country. I educated students, Naval residents, Naval-Marine Corps medics for over twenty years in the art and science of trauma care. I also belong to a compassionate group of care givers for the indigent in Guatemala and hopefully that program resumes and we can participate when travel once again is safe.


I am a graduate of Loma Linda University, Doctor of Medicine degree from Creighton University and finished residency in surgery at the University of Massachusetts Affiliated Program.


I am a scientist, a medical expert, and an experienced operational executive in healthcare and other industries. My early years in the automobile sales and service industry gave me experience that continues to serve me today as a restaurant owner in Minden, Nevada and real estate investor. My business philosophy has always been based on human empowerment and doing the right thing for everyone involved.

Personal Life

I am married and a father of three healthy and achieving children who give back as much as they have been given. My children have been empowered to be self-directed through hard work with loving support from their mother, father and extended family.

My Outlook on Life

I have been extraordinarily fortunate to work with a great many professionals during my career from diverse ethnic and spiritual backgrounds yet all sharing great prowess in business and the medical field. I believe that my talent for effective team building, based on human character and ability, has led to my successes in the medical field and in business.
I believe that government can and should make a difference in people’s lives. Government can make a difference in education and in healthcare. And government restraint, in terms of taxes and regulations, can allow our citizens flourish.
Life is good in this great state of Nevada and it can be so much better with positive leadership and better policy. I want to do everything possible to empower each and every Nevadan to achieve happiness, health and success.