Fred Simon


A REAL Conservative who puts Nevada First


I have published my entire platform unlike other politicians who hide their true agendas. Like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, I have a vision for Nevada that Nevada can lead America in eduction, energy, healthcare and public safety.

It is a bold agenda for a “Can Do” citizenry.

1 Voter ID

On Day One of a Simon Administration, I will put the legislature on notice that no bills will be signed until they put a Voter ID bill on my desk. 

Everyone agrees, even Democrats, that you must produce a government photo ID with a signature match in order to vote.

2 Safe Cities/Safe Communities

Nevada cities are becoming overrun with criminal gangs, drugs and the homeless. I will provide more funding to our police and law enforcement agencies for training and install body cams and car cams to protect every officer and every citizen.

I will form a joint State and Federal task force to go after the drug gangs and human traffickers. I support every citizen’s right to own a firearm, I support constitutional carry and I will provide financial incentives to ammunition manufacturers to move to Nevada.

3 School Choice

Nevada is ranked 49th out of the 50 States in K-12 Education because of Teachers’ Unions, Progressive School Boards and Education Bureaucrats. The answer is: SCHOOL CHOICE.

I will provide parents up to $10,000 per child per year for education. Parents pick the school. And if you homeschool, you keep the money as your fair compensation.

4 More Healthcare Choice

We are rapidly losing Healthcare Choice in Nevada as a result of Obamacare. I will bring Supplemental Medicare insurance to our rural counties, establish Centers of Excellence for Diabetes,

Heart disease, Colon and Breast cancer, restructure how we spend our Medicaid dollars, bring lowcost fee-for-service medical clinics to Nevada and establish a program for treating mental illness.

5 The 2nd Amendment

Dr. Simon is a strong advocate of our 2nd Amendment rights. A Dr. Simon administration will:
a) Support current Nevada Law that recognizes “reciprocal concealed carry” of licensed firearms by citizens from other States
b) Support Nevada’s status as a “shall issue” state, which means that anyone who is eligible for a CCW permit must be granted one

c) Support a citizen’s right to openly carry guns under Nevada law
d) Under our 10th Amendment rights, nullify any Federal regulation of the AR family of rifles, any Federal regulation on magazine capacity and any regulations on the purchase of ammunition.
e) provide financial incentive to ammunition manufacturers to move to Nevada and make Nevada the “Ammo State”.

6 Election Integrity

There was massive voter fraud conducted in Clark County in the November 2020 election. A Simon administration will press for legislation to ban electronic voting machines in the State of Nevada and return to voting on 

non-reproducible paper ballots. I will require that ballot vote tabulators be certified by two (2) independent audit firms, eliminate mail-out ballots, and eliminate DMV voter registration.

7 Create a Pandemic Strike Force

Governor Simon will create a Pandemic Strike Force in cooperation with the Gaming Industry and the UNLV Medical School. We will never shut down Las Vegas casinos again. Rather we will screen incoming guests at

the airport and screen employees by taking temperatures and using rapid test machines to determine at risk persons and then provide them with low cost therapeutics and an activity monitoring regimen that they must follow.

8 Open Yucca Mountain

Yucca Mountain is the key to Nevada’s financial future. There is $42 billion sitting in the Federal treasury waiting for Nevada to open Yucca Mountain. I intend to take $2.0 billion per year to create a world class, fully robotic, nuclear fuel storage, and recycling center. This will create 

thousands of good paying jobs and build a strong robotics industry right here in Nevada. I will take $1.0 billion per year and distribute check to every Nevada citizen just like they did in Alaska with Prudhoe Bay and trans-Alaska pipeline. We can do this, and Nevada will lead America.

9 Illegal Immigration

The Biden administration is engaging in a criminal act by not enforcing our border and immigration laws. I want to reinstitute the Trump policies of a) completing the border wall, b) For Amnesty, you apply OUTSIDE the United States,

c) immediately deport unaccompanied minors and adults that are apprehended. Further, I will expand the role of the Nevada State Police to track, expose and deport any human smuggling activity by the Biden administration into our State. 

10 Repeal The Gross Receipts Tax

The Gross Receipts Tax is one of the most harmful legislative acts to come out of Nevada State government and it resulted in the largest tax increase in Nevada history. This tax targets successful growing businesses with over $4.0MM per year in gross revenue. 

This tax does great harm to our fastest growing businesses that drive employment in our State. It will be a top priority for Governor Fred Simon to work with the Legislature to repeal the Gross Receipts Tax on Nevada businesses.

11 Support the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution

Nevada is a sovereign State under the US Constitution and has given limited enumerated powers to the Federal Government. 

Nevada leads the way; the Federal Government doesn’t lead Nevada. It’s time for Nevada and all like-minded States to band together and push back on an overbearing Federal Government.

12 Protect Our Environment

The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution states that the Federal Government only has the enumerated powers granted to it by the States and all other powers belong to the States.

The Federal government has consistently violated 

the 10th Amendment, granting itself regulatory powers that belong to Nevada.

It’s time for Nevada and all like-minded States to band together and push back on an overbearing Federal Government.

13 Shrink the Size of Government

Nevada State, Municipal and County workers are overpaid when compared to the same work in the private sector. This is massively unfair to Nevada taxpayers and is a direct result of the union bargaining structure in the State. A Simon administration will immediately institute a hiring freeze on all Nevada state employees. All new hires will have to be approved by the Governor. I will implement an 

an early retirement program with a goal of reducing the Nevada State workforce by 10% in four years and establish a Competitive Contracts Board which will review all state programs and identify those that can be competitively bid out to the private sector. I will work with the legislature to change Nevada law regarding the competitive bargaining structure with state, municipal and county unions.

14 Sound money

The sound money of gold and silver built the great State of Nevada. But since 1971, the Federal Reserve has pursued an inflationary policy that has resulted in increased prices on commodities, wages, housing and financial assets. The current Fed target of 2% inflation per year results in a 10% loss of purchasing power every five years. These policies reward the rich and destroy the middle and lower classes.

In order to have honest Government, we need honest money. Dr. Simon will work with the Legislature to pass legislation to make Gold, Silver and Bitcoin legal tender for all transactions and contracts in the State of Nevada and, following the lead of the State of Texas, work to pass legislation establishing a Nevada Bullion Depository where Nevada citizens can safely store gold and silver bullion.

15 Energy

One the key goals of a Dr. Simon administration will be to drive down electrical energy costs to near zero to reduce costs for our entertainment and gaming industry, for our manufacturing and retail industries and for consumers. Low cost, reliable energy will make Nevada very attractive to new manufacturing, datacenter 

and knowledge based businesses. We will pursue modular nuclear power plant designs developed at UNR that have the potential to deliver low cost, zero CO2, power over a State-wide grid. Our goal is to place (100) 100MW power plants on a Statewide grid to provide reliable baseline power to all parts of the State.

16 Modular Power Plants

Our own University of Nevada at Reno (UNR) engineering department has developed a conceptual modular power plant that runs on thorium, a nuclear material found in great abundance in Nevada. We intend to form a partnership with NV Energy, the University of Nevada, the Federal Energy Commission and the State of Nevada 

Energy Department to develop safe, low cost, modular, 50-100 MW Thorium nuclear power plants which each generate enough power for 50,000 homes for 30 years without being refueled. Over the next 20 years, our goal is to place 100 of these power plants on a State-wide grid to provide reliable baseline power to all parts of the State.

17 Rein In Healthcare Costs

A Simon administration will require all Hospitals to post their prices for all services. We will encourage and license doctor groups who wish to practice medicine on a direct revenue model that involve the delivery of a variety of medical services (Labs, check-ups, ENT services, 

outpatient surgery, pharmacy, house calls and referrals) for a fixed monthly fee. And we will authorize all pharmacies in the State to purchase prescription drugs from Canada or other competitive international suppliers.

18 Addiction and Mental Health

Dr. Fred Simon is uniquely qualified to address the addiction and mental health crisis in our cities in our states. Addiction is a healthcare issue and is the primary cause of homelessness and crime in our cities. It is responsible and compassionate to help our citizens overcome their addiction and return to being productive citizens. To that end Dr. Simon will bring a program from Rhode Island to Nevada that has a proven track record of greater than 85% of rehabilitating addicts and returning them to their families and productive lives. By partnering with our major healthcare providers like Renown, we will create an in-patient mental health facility where homeless persons

who are suffering from mental illness can be evaluated, treated and housed. Additionally, a) We will work with our Senators and Congressional members to gain as many Federal dollars as possible to support these programs, b) work with the business communities in our cities to identify and fund local programs for the poor, hungry and homeless, c) monitor all opioid prescriptions in the state and the flow of opioids to pharmacies in the state, d) criminally prosecute those that abuse opioid prescriptions e) set up a task force to work with the DEA and state and local law enforcement to interdict the illegal flow of opioids, methamphetamines and fentanyl.

19 Crime and Punishment

A Dr. Simon administration will be tough on crime and will recommend maximum sentencing for violent crimes. However, a Simon administration believes in “self-rehabilitation” and will provide incentives for prisoners to “get their lives together” in return for reducing their sentences. Prisoners will be encouraged to get their GED 

diplomas, gain bachelors and master’s degrees and other professional credentials or take part in other skills training that prepares them for a career on the outside. In return , inmates will progressively receive a reduction of the sentence. It will be up to the individual to turn their life around.


Grow the republican party

Latinos are a natural constituency for the Republican Party. They are hard working, family oriented, conservatives that share Republican values. Yet, there are Latino elders who have been in this country for over 20 years that are not citizens, yet they have raised their children here and all  

their children and grandchildren are citizens. It’s time to make these elders citizens and bring these families into the Republican party. I want a fast-track program to move these elders to citizenship as soon as possible and I will work with our Federal Representatives to get this done.

My Positions On More Issues


The Colorado River system supplies 90% of Clark County’s water needs. Nevada must aggressively protect its interests in the Colorado River system waters by renegotiation of the Colorado River Compact or through litigation. The Southern Nevada Water Authority’s proposal to outlaw ornamental grass (“non-functional turf”) as a conservation measure would reduce annual water usage by 15%, buying time to develop new conservation measures. Conservation measures will greatly diminish pressures to drain water from aquifers, streams, and other surface waters in the north. I oppose transfers of water from one hydrologic basin to another as these aggressive water diversions would raise serious policy issues, extensive and expensive litigation and they would cause unacceptable damage to rural county resources, business, and communities.


I am pro-life and believe that the unborn have rights as persons under the constitution. I will work tirelessly with organizations to convince women that the best option for a woman is to take their baby to term, be a single mother or give the baby up for adoption. As a doctor, I am very familiar with the psychological trauma that women face by having an abortion. My wish is to see abortion available, but so very rare.


The people have spoken and they want marijuana available for purchase through dispensaries. I support county control over whether a county will allow a dispensary within their borders. And I support our dispensaries being able to establish banking relationships in the State to conduct their business. This is a States rights issue. Marijuana has proven to be an effective therapeutic for medical conditions such as glaucoma and CBD is an anti-inflammatory. We have to be realistic that any drug, including marijuana, can be abused and can lead to abuse of other drugs. Similarly, we have to deal with the issue of driving while under the influence of marijuana

The Death Penalty

I believe that we must retain the death penalty for the most heinous crimes. It serves as a deterrent in that the perpetrator will never, ever again commit a crime in Nevada and it brings closure to the family of the victim. Recently, in Douglas County and in Washoe County and violent criminal killed four persons in three separate home invasions. This is the type of heinous crime that deserves the death penalty.

Sex Workers and Brothels

Certain Counties in Nevada have had a long and successful history of regulating sex workers and brothels. I support these counties in their local regulation of brothels and enforcement of health standards in these establishments. At the end of the day this is a  self-governance and freedom issue.

Occupational Licensing Laws

I want to remove barriers that prevent Nevadans from opening and running their own business so they can gain financial independence. Occupational licensing laws can prevent business formation by requiring an insurmountable cost to disadvantaged Nevadans to open certain businesses. I will streamline or eliminate certain requirements that are preventing business formation.