This is a grass roots people’s campaign and our success depends on the hard work of our volunteers.

This is our chance to elect a chief executive who is a proven administrator, communicator and facilitator and someone who cares about the success of all Nevadans.

We are building a vibrant and diverse coalition of volunteers in all counties and cities in Nevada. Come join us.

If you can donate dollars, that is great. Every dollar raised will go to outreach, getting our message out to voters by email, direct mail and by attending events. There are no professional paid campaign staff and no high priced political consultants. This is a volunteer army who want Nevada to lead America with world class education, healthcare and business.


If you can’t donate, you can still make a big contribution to the campaign by doing the following:

  • Talk to your neighbors and friends about the campaign.
  • Post links to the campaign on your Facebook and your local social media sites
  • Sign up as a volunteer to coordinate speaking events for the campaign in your county, city or town.
  • Put a yard sign out.
  • Put a bumper sticker on your car.
  • Identify radio interview opportunities for the campaign.
  • Make videos of the campaign and post to social media.
  • Make calls for the candidate.
  • Walk your precinct for the candidate.